Burly Diplomacy

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I don't have any children and if I might have children sometimes their are going to have a hard time. There is so much you need to know about. You need to be their everything. Now, it's ok that I don't have that much knowledge about different sicknesses of that I can't really take care of a wound. But if I have a little person that is depending so much on just me, I need to know that stuff. And I need to know why the sky is blue and exactly why dogs sniffs each other in the back. But ...

Good stuff for all

When we talk about having a good software installed one could ask for and say that this is nothing for me. Yes, I do like what I see and see what I like and traffic software is something very popular and intriguing for everyone trying it and exploring its possibilities. Yes, this is something I rather not talk about but why not do this for the companies sake and to have a more effective work flow instead of just getting all out of it. Yes, this is something that can be made and I guess that we have to ...


Privacy regulations are getting stricter and stricter. And people are becoming more and more aware of them. I wonder what kind of effect that has on for example a shareholder registrar as they deal with a lot of personal data. Names and addresses of shareholders, number of shares those people own (so an indication of weath): those things are sensitive and should not get in the wrong hands. Hopefully the registrars are also aware of this and they take the right security measures. Next time you buy shares you may think of this and have it checked by your bank!